martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

The Playlist of my life.

Estoy en período de exámenes y como siempre con el tiempo contado. Me dejaron de tarea en mi clase de Inglés hacer una recopilación de canciones significativas en mi vida, y hacer una playlist con 17 tracks. La verdad es que la hice un poco aprisa, son tantas las canciones que son relevantes!, así que pensé en momentos específicos que me marcaron de una u otra manera.

Ahí se las dejo, a ver que opinan. Y ustedes, qué canciones incluirían?

1. “Barquito de papel”. Joan Manuel Serrat (Spain) 1971. We did not have a record player; my father would play the guitar and teach us the lyrics from memory. First song I learned. I could complete this playlist with Serrat’s songs only; they are loved and shared for everybody in my family.

2. “Acapulco Tropical”. El Acapulco Tropical (1970). The tropic, the heat both in the environment and in people. A dancing 6 year old. The school yard full to its capacity, bodies sweating, smiling, care free. The influence of this vibrant music will stay with me for the rest of my life.

3. “Mi Corazon Gitano” Lupita D’alessio (1971) I cannot think of my childhood without thinking of my sister. We would play all the games her unlimited imagination allowed her to invent. One of those was to be professional singers. We would take turns and climb up a big rock that was the stage and sing this song to full lungs capacity. We were in the countryside so nobody cared. We were talented, famous and happy.

4. “Fantasy” Earth Wind and Fire (USA) 1977 I called a radio station and won this LP, but when they asked my name I was afraid that I was not old enough to participate so I gave my sister’s name. The song reminds me of that time when you are growing up and cannot wait to be older and do things on your own. Ah! If only we knew better.

5. “Sailing” Christopher Cross (USA) 1979 I did not know English back then, but this song used to make me dream. At the age when you have your whole life ahead of you, I was trying to find my way and my place in the world. Great song and great memories. Still love it and still makes me dream.

6. “Claridad” Menudo (Puerto Rico) 1981. Some of my friends from middle school danced to this song to say goodbye to me at the end of the school year. Middle school was the happiest period of my life in the sense of being care free. Everything was easy and possible. I was everything I wanted to be. The song reminds me of that girl and all my experiences then.

7. "Endless Love” Diana Ross and Lionel Richie (USA) 1981. The Coming of Age years. I went to see the movie with my best friend, we were maybe 13 and they rated the movie B (adolescents and adults only) so we dressed up trying to look older. Looking back I think we might have looked as little street girls. Nobody cared about us at the movie theater though, and we could see the movie. The song reminds me of all my teen years and the way we were back then. Reminiscing this time makes me smile a lot!

8. “Can’t take my eyes off you” Boys Town gang (USA) 1982. I began to go out to parties with my friends when this version came out. I remember the excitement of getting dressed so the boys would like us! Everybody would dance when they played this song; it was such a hit in Mexico back then.

9. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Bonnie Tyler (Wales) 1983. When this song became a hit, I was dating my daughter’s father. I cannot listen to it without thinking about our relationship that lasted 10 years! It was not as dramatic as the song, fortunately! Still for a while this was the song that symbolized my strength as a woman and later as a single mother.

10. “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” U2 (Ireland) 1987. After having a baby my life changed so much. This song was a reflection of my circumstances back then. I wasn’t looking for god, I was looking for myself. One of my all time favorites.

11. “Comfortably numb” Pink Floyd (England) 1982. Can you say depressive? I used to love to listen to this and feel so sorry for myself! It was so fantastically sad! My dramatic side was so indulging. I got over it eventually and fortunately, I can enjoy such a great song without attempting suicide.

12. “Epitaph” King Crimson (England) 1969. I “discover” this song when I was in my twenties and it was a revelation. I already liked progressive rock but this band rapidly became my favorite. Also I became more interested in the English language and realized it was beautiful.

13. Qué va a ser de ti. Joan Manuel Serrat (Spain) 1971. A childhood song became so personal when my daughter left home to go to Europe. All the uncertainty and worry of a mother who has lived with her child for 18 years and taught her to follow her dreams and be independent and all that crap that she learned so well! I slowly got over it but I cannot listen to this song without crying.

14. “Goodbye stranger” Supertramp (England) 1979. When I came to terms with my daughter absence, this song literally told me why sometimes it is a good thing to leave. This song makes me feel happy about life even with all the renunciations along the way.

15. “Walk of life” Dire Straits (England) 1985. The walk of life is just life itself. This is a song I usually play just to be reminded of the joy of being alive. Great song and great band.

16. “Pa’l que se va” AlfredoZitarrosa (Uruguay). Later in my life it was my turn to say goodbye. My brother played this song my last morning in Mexico. It talks about the importance of not forgetting who you are and where you come from. It also talks about the road being two ways, you can always go back home, you can always have hope.

17. In my life. The Beatles. (England) 1965. Probably only such geniuses as Lenon and McCartney could write such a universal song. Every part of it feels so personal and with that feeling of “oh I so wish I was able to write something like that because that is exactly how I feel!!” Just so moving and always relevant.

No te olvides del pago
si te vas pa la ciudad
cuanti más lejos te vayas
más te tenés que acordar.

Cierto que hay muchas cosas
que se pueden olvidar
pero algunas son olvidos
y otras son cosas nomás.

No eches en la maleta
lo que no vayas a usar
son más largos los caminos
pal que va cargao de más.

Ahura que sos mocito
y ya pitás como el que más
no cambiés nunca de trillo
aunque no tengas pa fumar.

Y si sentís tristeza
cuando mires para atrás
no te olvides que el camino
es pal que viene y pal que va.

No te olvides del pago
si te vas pa la ciudad
cuanti más lejos te vayas
más te tenés que acordar.
Cuanti más lejos te vayas
más te tenés que acordar.

4 comentarios:

Pancholin dijo...

Muy buena selección hermana.

Lo más importante es que en cada uno de ésas canciones, estamos incluidos.


Carmen dijo...

QUe interesante selección. Comparto el cariño y la admiración hacia el gran gran Zitarroza.

Y el gusto por la piel de la semana y el recuerdo de sus canciones de ese entrañable sesentón.

Ya todos mis novios son sesentones, ¿tú crees?

Te quiero Gaviotita.

0o_irene_o0 dijo...

ayyy que lindo post reina...

yo se lo mucho que nos queremos pero es chistoso leer que he sido (of course :P) una parte tan importante de tu vida. Love u


Gaviota_mx dijo...

Hermano: Gracias, espero tus entradas!

Carmencita: Pues mis galanes andan en los cincuentas! Pero no importa, yo les soy fiel. Es usted ampliamente correspondida:-)

Nene: Gracias y pues si, es lógico, eres mi única hija y cambiaste el rumbo de mi vida forever.